Founded in 1980, Christians Development Company, Inc. has earned a reputation for integrity and quality in the design/build industry. Our team can lead you through your project from concept to completion.  Attention to detail will help us design your project within a budget suited to fit your expectations.

Christians Development has attracted a niche clientele in both the commercial and residential sectors. We pride ourselves on building relationships based on commitment and values. Our standards to quality workmanship and serving our customers has resulted in repeat business for thirty years.


process-photoAt Christians Development Company, Inc, all trades work under one umbrella, eliminating multiple profit layers and scheduling complexities. This project control allows us to look at the big picture and work together to bring about timely, accurate project completion.

This unified process ensures accountability for every action, elimitating missed deadlines that are all too common when multiple subcontractors come together on a project. Christians Development Company’s unified approach reduces client costs by minimizing the number of companies that must profit. The integrated process accelerates timelines and allows for “no surprises” scheduling.